AEE SoCal Chapter Annual Awards
Award Nominations

AEE SoCal Annual Award nominations are now being accepted for 2015

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AEE SoCal Energy Engineer of the Year

AEE SoCal Energy Project of the Year

AEE SoCal Innovative Energy Project of the Year

AEE SoCal Young Energy Engineer Professional

Best Chapter Contributor of the Year

Best Chapter Event of the Year

The AEE SoCal Awards recognizes excellence and innovation in energy management, energy efficiency and alternative energy solutions in Southern California. 

All nominations must focus on accomplishments achieved with commercial, institutional or industrial facilities or projects. Nominators and nominees do not have to be Chapter members or projects connected to Chapter members. Anyone that feels they or their project are prospects for an AEE SoCal Award are strongly encouraged to nominate themselves and/or their own projects. 

The Qualification Summary submitted with an award nomination should describe a nominee’s worthiness for the award and provide supporting details and documentation. Factors to highlight in the description can include a leadership role in the efficient and effective use of energy, projects successfully undertaken, substantiated financial savings, implementation of energy efficiency procedures and hurdles that were overcome. Future plans and goals are not considered.

For the Energy Project Award, type of project, equipment installed, operating results, financial data, environmental gains and/or special features should be indicated.

Entries are screened to verify eligibility. Each entry is then individually evaluated according to official judging criteria. Entries are judged by an Awards Committee composed of experienced and qualified energy/environmental professionals. The Committee reserves the right to withhold awards in any category where nominees do not meet expected levels of performance. The decision of the Committee is final.

For additional information, please contact Monika at 877.483.6642 

AEE SoCal Chapter Annual Awards Winners
aee socal award
Southern California Energy Engineer of the Year
Energy Engineer of the Year
Matthew Gudorf, UC Irvine

Presented for outstanding accomplishments in promoting the practices, principles, and procedures of energy engineering. The recipient must be a registered professional engineer or have an engineering degree and have practiced in the field of energy engineering for a minimum of five (5) years.

aee socal award
Southern California Energy Project of the Year
Energy Project of the Year
Green Revolving Fund - Caltech

Recognizes an energy management project completed for a minimum of 6 months that has documented a high level of substantiated savings versus the actual installation and operational costs; a project that is on track to rapidly "pay for itself".  

aee socal award
Southern California Innovative Energy Project of the Year
Innovative Energy Project of the Year
Fuel Cell Trigeneration OC Sanitation Dstrct

Presented for an innovative Southern California project that provide a unique approach for implementing renewable energy power generation and/or energy efficiency solutions.