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Energy is one of the most important challenges facing the modern world. It also presents some of the most exciting opportunities, as efforts intensify to find new ways to generate it, distribute it, use it more efficiently and apply it more effectively.

AEE SoCal is helping Southern California energy professionals meet those challenges and take advantages of those opportunities.

For over 30 years, AEE SoCal has been a gathering point for professionals of all types working in the energy field.

AEE SoCal's numerous activities and programs helps its members:

Currently, you do not have to be a member of AEE's Center to join the AEE SoCal Chapter, though once involved with the Chapter, we encourage you to join AEE Center to take full advantage of all the resources available from AEE.

Joining AEE SoCal is easy and inexpensive. An AEE SoCal Standard Annual Membership is only $100 a year.

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